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week 9 story: Why Dog and Cat Are Friends

Why Dog and Cat Are FriendsA cat and a dog lived with a man and a woman in a small village. The man and woman were blessed to have a golden ring in their possession. This wasn't an ordinary golden ring, it was magic. The ring would gift the owner with food, riches, and good luck. But as soon as the ring left your possession, your life returned to normal, instantly. One night, a stranger snuck into the village, into the house, and stole the magic ring. The dog had an excellent nose and could smell a ham from 3 miles away. The cat had excellent ears and could hear a bell from 3 miles away. When the intruder was leaving the house, he accidentally let out a small burp. The quiet sound woke the cat, and the slight smell woke the dog. By the time they both rose, the stranger was running out the door. The cat and dog instantly took off after the man. They knew how valuable the ring was to them and their owners. They refused to let their wonderful owners have bad luck and they knew they h…

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